Hungry Dragon Tips and Cheats to Unlock Wreak Havoc and All Dragons

Hungry Dragon just been released globally by Ubisoft, so the game builds on the mechanics plus acceptance of Hungry Shark World, taking everything to a totally new level though.

Plus we are here to support you by posting some Hungry Dragon cheats and suggestions in the complete strategy guide of ours. You will discover anything about scoring points, leveling up and unlocking all dragons - all you would look to discover in a full guide.

And so let us not waste a second and rather let us visit a few Hungry Dragon tips and tricks below!

Eat (almost) everything

A dragon is typically famished and luckily the game's world has ton of points on the menu. Be sure you consume all of them and remember that in many instances bigger is way better.

Nevertheless, you cannot actually go eat the greatest things in Hungry Dragon directly right from the start, because you are going to need a bigger lizard for the bigger prey. Generally, the golden rule here's that the bigger your goal is, the bigger you've to be to be able to have the ability to consume it.

And also in order to help make the hunger of yours more difficult, you will find numerous things and obstacles you really should steer clear from: starting with floating mines and all the way up to soldiers and wizards, you can find a lot of items you should not make an effort to consume. Other dragons moreover roam the lands and though you are able to indulge in those in many events, you must do it with extreme caution.

And so, essentially, it really should continue to: consume almost as you can to maintain on going and avoid enemies and obstacles you cannot consume because they will drain your health bar more quickly!


As the game is played by you and also consume different kinds of goodies and creatures in the game, you begin racking up on combo points. Increasing your combo meter leads to you scoring far more points for anything the will get to your dragon's belly, therefore you should try to maintain that meter as large it can be.

Keep in mind that the combination meter resets in case an obstacle is hit by you (or maybe an arrow hits you), and so avoid big trouble whenever you find those numbers really high.

Prepare for the fire rush

Fire rush builds gradually as the game is played by you. You are able to look it over at the bottom part of the screen: it is the bar which fills up way too slow.

But the moment it is activated, you're prepared to do a little severe damage: your dragon starts spitting fire and burns anything all over. This's exactly why you must remain in a very populated area before your fire rush begins, ideally someplace with lots of big targets.

You are able to also be on the lookout having an enormous red chili: when eating that, the flame rush bar fills immediately and you are able to begin wreaking havoc instantly!

Eating Special Creatures

Randomly during play time, you are going to see different special looking creatures. And when you do, be sure to do all you are able to to consume that as it generally has some kind of goodies for you.

For instance, consuming the Golden Pig in Hungry Dragon is going to reward you with a totally free gem, while other golden creatures will reward you with much needed coins.

Pets for the Dragon of yours

Ultimately, you will get some eggs during the terror-wreaking play sessions of yours and those will unlock to reward you with Pets. These're actually good little buggers to get around!

Pets are there to primarily increase several of the stats of yours or give you numerous boosts and they are available in all sorts of sizes and shapes. You are able to just equip a small amount of pets (the bigger the dragon of yours, the far more pets you are able to equip), therefore you ought to constantly generate the person that provides you the largest benefit in the game.

I actually choose those that increase the speed of mine because they earn my dragon easier to manage and much easier to feed, but in addition sandals that increase my hunger meter since I just play longer. Though you must look at all possible combos and discover the things that work best for you!

Unlock costumes

Costumes are like pets, meaning they provide you with numerous bonuses that can be paired up together with the people provided by Pets for better boosts to the stats of yours.

Costumes, nonetheless, demand cash to become unlocked - so do not hurry to invest all the coins of yours there, since you are going to need them to uncover the larger dragons. But after you've a number of costumes, ensure you provide them for the increase along with additional style points (the latter do not be counted in game, though).

Bigger is Better

The same as in life that is real, bigger is better with regards to dragons. Larger dragons are able to equip far more pets, can consume bigger wildlife and are overall better compared to the smaller ones.

To be able to unlock them, you've to keep playing and optimize the point gains of yours with the prior dragon, max them up after which unlock a brand new lizard. And so this's essentially the way you are going to unlock all dragons in the game. You are able to likewise take a shortcut and also invest Gems to unlock them early on if you want to.

Nevertheless, apart from potential occasions when a mission calls for you to play with a certain dragon, after unlocking a bigger fire spitting flying lizard, there is hardly any reason behind you to play with a small one.

Complete missions, gather letters

An incredibly easy method to get a load of coins easily is completing the missions that the game throws at you. You will get 3 at one time and after finishing them, you've to hold out some time before fresh missions pop up. And so concentrate on taking all those jobs done ASAP to boost the treasures of yours.

There's in addition an everyday word you are able to collect letters for - and when finished, you will be rewarded by it well as well. You are going to find a minimap while playing that ought to regularly be consulted, as it displays the places on the letters you have to finish the term.

The minimap is significantly less simple to make use of as one would hope - I always wind up in different parts after checking it out there, though it is a lot better than aimlessly roaming around looking for letters. Regularly check it out and you will get those letters quickly!

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